At Debbie Lange & Co., we offer a range of services for families with children of all ages, backgrounds and locations.


Choosing a school that is the best fit for your family is an overwhelming process. We will guide families in their search for an educational environment that best suits their child. Additionally, we will make sure families are well informed of the admissions calendars for each school, when to complete required testing where applicable, how to best prepare students for their visits to the school and interviews, and assist with the online application process. 



At Debbie Lange & Co., we work with individuals and corporations relocating to the Atlanta area.  We facilitate and oversee the process of scheduling campus visits, interviews and testing. As part of our services, we assist families who are applying to schools during the regular admission application season and families who are searching for school placements in the spring and summer. 



Finding a school for a student who could benefit from a specialized learning environment is an intricate process. After decades in the field of education Debbie has long-standing relationships with a wide variety of schools offering alternative curriculums where the student’s needs can be best served. Debbie Lange & Co. can assist with locating educational opportunities and help with the logistics of this specialized process.