Applying a Schedule

Guiding you through the school choice process isn’t just what I do — it’s who I am. 

As a mother of two, grandmother of five and founder of Debbie Lange & Co., I understand that families are more than names on a form. When your child arrives at school, you want to feel confident that their best interests are important to everyone inside, every single day. I take that mission to heart. 

Beyond all the forms and financials, choosing a school is a very emotional decision. Parents want to make the right choice. More than 20 years in education — as both a teacher and director of admission at two of Atlanta’s highly respected educational institutions — taught me how to listen to parents and hear their needs. It’s a subtle but important distinction.

For more information on my plan for creating a school process schedule, click here.

The Big Move

Relocating your family can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Finding the best schools for your children is a priority. 

Debbie Lange and Company has extensive experience with assisting families with care and compassion. We understand the importance of communication and pay attention to every detail to ensure an efficient process for the families and the schools. Debbie and her staff identify a variety of school options and individually tailor these options to find the best educational environment to set the each child up for success.